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Recent blog posts

There a few Nelspruit lawyers who undertake conveyancing. Conveyancing covers more than just the deed title of your property being transferred from one owner to the next, it is also concerned with the mortgages being granted. And the term has also been connected with the movement of bulk products of which water, gas and electricity are the most common. Conveyancing will usually be concerned with the exchange and completion of contracts.

The agreement to purchase property that cannot be moved must be written out and signed by the seller and the buyer. The document will usually be prepared by a lawyer. When the agreement is settled a lawyer who has specialised to become a conveyancer, such as a Nelspruit lawyer qualified as a conveyancer, will take the agreement the final few steps which will include the registration of the transfer of property.

What does the conNelspruit lawyers can assist you with conveyancing veyancer do?

When the conveyancer receives the document he or she will:

  • Check the entire document carefully and paying close attention to the provisions of the transaction, any specific conditions, financial details and taking note of important dates.
  • The conveyancer will do research at the Deeds Office to determine if there are any mortgages or interdicts against the property.
  • Ask for copies of all of the documents that are required to pass the documentation through the process, from both the buyer and the seller.
  •  Find out who holds the title deed. If the seller has the deed then the document will be with the seller. If the property is bonded then the financial institution that granted the money for the property to be bought will hold the deed.
  • Visit the local municipality and apply for the property to have a rates assessment should the property is freehold. If the property has a sectional title and is under the management of a body corporate then this body will be approached for a level clearance certificate.





A conveyancer will have to complete a national exam in order to work as a conveyancer. There are many laws which are associated with a property and the buying and selling of property. By law the only person who will be able to register the transfer the ownership of a property. The person who is selling the property will usually be the person who hires a conveyancer, but this is not a fixed requirement and should negotiations result in the buyer wanting to hire the conveyer it will be legal.

Through the use of a conveyancer your property selling or buying will be guaranteed to go smoothly as they do not waste time and they know all of the steps that will need to be take in order for a transaction to go through smoothing and legally. Conveyancers know the various laws and they boast many years of experience. They are able to handle properties of all sizes and they are skilled to handle any property transaction.

Nelspruit lawyers at Kruger and Partners have expert conveyance skills and their experience has helped them climb to the top of their industry.  Let the team of Nelspruit lawyers at Kruger and Partners assist you.



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As Nelspruit attorneys we don’t mean to sound morbid, but for many of us death is an eventuality that we are not yet prepared to deal with.

We all need to plan for the unexpected events that tomorrow might bring. None of us know what is hiding behind the next bend in life, and being without a will could result in your family suffering with more than just the immense grief of your passing. While leaving our material wealth behind is something that none of us can avoid, we do have a say over what must happen to the possessions and wealth that we have accumulated during our lifetime. Nelspruit attorneys can help you get your will and/or trust in order.


What is a will?

A term that you might well be familiar with, a will is a legal document that bears the name of the person who you have selected to manage your estate after your death as well as your final wishes.

The term will and the term testament has been used interchangeably in the past. A will states who will inherit your wealth and property after your passing, with the person you have selected to manage your final affairs making sure that those who have been selected to inherit your property or acquire the wealth get it.

Know the difference between a will and a trust

A will and a trust are to different documents that can work together perfectly to give you a complete estate plan to ensure that what you leave behind after death is taken care of, or distributed, in the way that you want it to be.

These are the differences between a will and a trust that you need to know:

  1. A will is designed to come into effect only once you have passed on while a trust will come into effect the moment the papers have been signed. The will has a legal representative who will distribute your property shortly after your passing while your trust can be used to start dividing up your property at any time after it has come into effect.
  2. A will is only going to have an effect over the property that is in your name at the time of your death, which means that the property that you have joint ownership over is not going to be affected by your will. The trust will handle the property that you have had joint ownership over. The trust will only have control over that property that has been transferred into the trust.
  3. A will needs to pass through the court administration before your final wishes can be honoured. This is done to ensure that the will is valid and that the contents of the will get divided correctly. Your trust will not need to go through probate (through the courts) so it can be taken care of quickly and money can be saved.


·         Your will can become a part of the public record which means that anyone can have a look at it. A trust will remain private.

Nelspruit attorneys will know which final legal document will work best for you and you should consider consulting with an attorney so that you have all of your affairs in order. By getting your will, or trust, organised there will be less to stress about in your later years.




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Do you find yourself in a situation where you may need the assistance of Nelspruit Lawyers?

There are many cases where people may need the help of an attorney to fight their case. You could be involved in a vehicle collision and because you are possibly the only party with motor vehicle insurance, the other party can easily get away without being responsible for the damages. This will end up leaving you saddled with the debt of paying the damages to your vehicle out of your pocket. Nelspruit Lawyers are able to assist you with the legal battle to get your car fixed with fewer expenses than you would if you had not made use of them for their services.  

Who Are Professional Attorneys Nelspruit, Mpumalanga?

There are many professional Nelspruit lawyers, which includes the likes of Kruger and Partners who are able to assist you with different legal advice and service.

The following are the just some of the legal services that you will receive from attorneys Nelspruit Mpumalanga:

·        Insolvency

·        Corporate Law Services

·        Wills and Trusts

·        Commercial Law Services

·        Collections

·        Litigation (Magistrate’s and High Court)

·        Family Law Services

·        Labour Law Services

·        Personal injury law

·        Gambling and Liquor License

·        Local Government

·        Township Establishment

·        Arbitration

Nelspruit lawyers as well as attorneys from all over the country are dedicated to helping their clients and are focused on winning the legal battle set before them.

To hire the professional services of a lawyer, you will have to pay a high fee for services; however, based on the nature of your case, you could pay less, as less time is needed to defend the case.

Unfair Dismissal

Unfair dismissal is something that is heard of on a regular basis in South Africa, and often times, employees do not have the means, finance and resources to fight their unfair dismissal case. Nelspruit Lawyers takes pride in assisting clients with such cases and will do their best to insure that the case is won; especially that unfair dismissal is as the name describes it – unfair.

Marriage Cases

With family law come various divisions that could see a trial or legal battle occur. Sometimes in life, couples find themselves in a situation where their marriage is not what they may have expected it to be. As a result, to what could be years of misunderstanding, the pair may decide to get a separation or a permanent divorce and sometimes these actions could turn ugly. When a couple splits, factors such as child custody, property and other assets all play a role in the two parties parting ways. Nelspruit lawyers are more than happy to assist these couples to get the most out of the agreement and to continue living in harmony as much as possible.

Attorneys Nelspruit Mpumalanga also offer legal advice and services at a minimal monthly fee, to cater for individuals who cannot afford the high rates it would cost to hire an attorney on a regular basis.



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Too many times individuals face unfair situations in life, whether it is being involved in a motoring accident, unfair dismissal, marriage disputes or custody of their children. Not knowing the law or your rights will have you ending up with the “short end of the stick” at all times.

Seeking legal advice can be expensive in many cases but there are good attorneys Nelspruit Mpumalanga that are standing by to help you. Law firms have the means, the legal knowledge and the professionals who are able to assist you.

Leading Attorneys Nelspruit Mpumalanga


You don’t have to fight your legal battles alone, attorneys are there to assist in getting a fair trial and to see that justice prevails. Many legal representatives aim to provide the highest quality of legal assistance at all times and aim to ensure lasting relationships with clients. All legal cases are of utmost importance and lawyers do all they can to assist the client in the best ways possible.


There are often individuals who find themselves in need of legal advice but they do not have the means to seek such assistance. To solve this, it is possible to become a member of a certified legal advisory firm who have their own in-house lawyers who provide legal advice to individuals at a low fee.

For a low fee per month, some legal firms offer their legal services to those who cannot afford to pay the heavy fees associated with legal battles. Clients can contact the firm’s call centres of which some operate 24hours a day and still receive the quality legal advice and services only at lower rates.

Nelspruit lawyers are involved in assisting individuals with pro bono cases in the event that such clients qualify as pro bono. In some instances, the nature of the case will determine whether it is possible to be taken up as pro bono or at a normal law advisory fee.

Kruger and Partners are Nelspruit lawyers who specialize in vast legal cases including:

·         Wills and Trusts

·         Corporate Law Services

·         Insolvency

·         Litigation (Magistrate and High Court)

·         Collections

·         Commercial Law

·         Family Law

·         Labour law

·         International Law of Trade and Transnational Insolvency

·         Conveyancing

·         Liquor Licenses

·         Gambling Licenses

·         Personal Injury

·         Local Government

·         Township Establishment

·         Arbitration

Kruger and Partners aim to always provide all their clients with quality legal services and advice as well as add value to the local community in all aspects.

In the event that you may need legal services or assistance, make sure that you have the right attorneys in Nelspruit Mpumalanga to fight your case. Justice and fair trials are what every community needs to live in unity, harmony and happiness.

Don’t wait for things to spiral out of control, seek legal help today for a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

 Can one get insurance for legal fees? 


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